Festive Foxley - The Spirit of Christmas has arrived...


Music, Magic and Festive Cheer!

Festive Foxley is very popular with Christmas and Victorian themed events. Festive Foxley can be branded to any color theme thanks to some super bright RGB led lights with thousands of color combos. The basket on the bike is also sometimes used to hand out promotional items and the client has the choice to provide their own music to be played through the portable sound system!


A spectacle of delight

Festive Foxley has more than festive cheer up his sleeves. As a member of the Magic Circle he will have his audiences spellbound, awaking the next morning to wonder if it was all a dream.


Fully insured

As a member of Equity, the performers union, Festive Foxley has full public liability insurance, enhanced DBS and has passes his Penny Farthing Level 1 proficiency test.